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Okanagan Cultivators Signs Agreement to Acquire 40 Acre Property with Grow Facility in BC, Canada

New property acquisition likely to give a 320% boost to cannabis production

Kelowna, BC – In a fresh development the premium craft brand cannabis company Okanagan Cultivators Inc (OC) has expanded into a 40-acre property in the Okanagan valley. OC hopes to boost its future production of organic medical cannabis strains through this valuable acquisition. The property overlooking the valley has a 5 bedroom estate home to be used for offices, staff accommodation, and shareholder use. It also has an indoor production facility that contains 8x laboratory type grow rooms, as well as one 3000 square feet greenhouse. “It’s an ideal property for production,” says Michael Lansky, one of the investors who was given a tour of the estate, “and is well-connected to ensure a regular supply.” 

Okanagan Cultivators Inc is confident that the acquisition will allow it to proceed with its upgraded licencing and expansion plan that will eventually increase production by 320%. OC’s Advisors have concluded that the 40-acre property has a huge potential and could easily support a 45,000 square foot production facility, making OC one of the key players of the region. 

“There is no better place to be” notes CEO Mark Miller “than in British Columbia, and the Okanagan Valley which is our home. We are proud to be master growers in this region and look forward to giving back to the community here through our company’s growth.”

Okanagan Cultivators organic medical cannabis strains are a premium craft brand of cannabis that allows for high CBD production as well as THC.

Their unique cultivation process involves master growers who use highly advanced laboratory-style grow rooms. 

Unlike larger producers, smaller brand companies like Okanagan Cultivators are becoming known as the high-quality craft growers for the cannabis industry as larger producers cannot deliver the same level of quality product. Which is why Miller recently opened an OC office in Prague, Czech Republic, so as to better position the company in the booming European medical marijuana marketplace.


This post was originally published on Downey Magazine