Industrial Detergents Market with Geographic Segmentation, Key Players and Statistical Forecast to 2025

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The global market for industrial detergents will grow from nearly $8.8 billion in 2017 to $10.8 billion by 2022 with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.2% for the period of 2017-2022.

Global Industrial Detergents Market Research Report presents the overview and in depth study of worldwide Industrial Detergents Market for achieving throughout understanding and business intelligence of the market with the Financial & Industrial Analysis of key players, companies, region, types, applications and its future scope in the industry till 2025.

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Industrial detergents constitute of surfactant, builder, acids, bases, solvents, alkanol amides, dyes, preservatives, ingestion deterrents and several other ingredients for effective cleaning in the industrial application. They are used to enhance the cleaning efficiency of products, particularly water-based. Industrial detergents ease the surface tension of liquids and can modify, disperse, and emulsify the lubricity of water-based compositions.

Industrial detergents are surface-active agents used in emulsifying, wetting, dispersing, cleaning, and for foaming in anti-foaming agents. They are also used in applications such as manufacturing and commercial offices, healthcare, commercial laundry, food and beverage, transportation cleaning and other applications including oil and gas, cosmetics, metal and degreasers, paper and pulp industry, leather industry, mining and metals and several other applications.

In the above-mentioned applications, the industrial detergents are primarily used to decrease the surface tension in between two interfaces such as liquid-gas, liquid-liquid, and liquid-solid. They have multiple functions and are more effective than commodity detergents. Owing to their cleaning properties, industrial detergents are commonly used in manufacturing and commercial offices and healthcare and commercial laundry application.

Industrialization and urbanization in India and China, along with the increasing awareness regarding workplace hygiene, has resulted in significant growth of the industrial detergents market in the Asia- Pacific region.

In terms of substrates, the market is divided into synthetic and bio-based industrial detergents. Low pricing has resulted in synthetic industrial detergents holding a huge market share. However, increasing environmental concerns globally has resulted in increased demand for bio-based detergents. Traditional petroleum-based detergents, which have very harmful effects on the environment, are used mostly by manufacturers because of its price advantage over bio-based detergents.

Petroleum-based detergents do not degrade and instead contaminate the soil and marine areas where the industrial wastes are dumped. The governments of many countries are establishing laws and regulations to enforce manufactures to shift use to bio-detergents and cease the use of traditional detergents. Bio-based detergents are completely biodegradable and not toxic. Many experiments show that bio-detergents are better in functionality than traditional detergents.

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Despite bio-based detergents being a good substitute for synthetic detergents, they are not widely used by the manufactures because of the high cost of producing bio-based detergents. The molecules of each produced bio-detergents have different properties and thus can be used for different applications.

There are several factors driving the growth of the global market including the increasing requirements for hygiene in commercial sectors, increasing demands from the textile industry, and increasing demands from oil and gas industries. Presently, the market has also witnessed several ongoing trends such as the increasing adoption of environmental friendly products and application of rhamnolipids for cleaning diesel particulate filters.

Report Scope

This report represents an in-depth analysis of the global industrial detergents market by substrate, application and region using different commercially available industrial detergents to drive specific market estimates. Included is an overview of global market scenarios of industrial detergents and analyzes global market trends, with market data from 2016, considering 2016 as the base year and estimates for 2017 to 2022 with projections of compound annual growth rate (CAGR) in the forecast period.

The report consists of a segment based on substrate type such as synthetic industrial detergent and bio-based industrial detergent, their global markets and a regional breakdown are also covered. The synthetic industrial detergents are further classified as cationic synthetic industrial detergent, anionic synthetic industrial detergent, nonionic synthetic industrial detergent and amphoteric synthetic industrial detergent and others. Anionic synthetic industrial detergents are further broken down into four major types depending upon the material used in production. The base production material for detergents can be linear alkylbenzene sulfonates, secondary alkane sulfonate, alpha olefin sulfonates, methyl ester sulfonates. Nonionic synthetic industrial detergents are divided into four types, alcohol, ethoxylates, alkyl phenol ethoxylates, amine oxides.

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Bio-based detergents come in two variants: chemically synthesized detergents and bio-based detergents. The report covers their global markets and regional growth.

Furthermore, the industrial detergents market is segregated on the basis of region and application. The major applications of industrial detergents are manufacturing and commercial offices, healthcare, commercial laundry, food and beverage, transportation cleaning and others including agriculture, kitchen and catering, technical cleaning, building care, metal cleaners, floor and carpet care, janitorial cleaners and electronic/precision cleaner.

Also included is a discussion of the major players in the market. Further, it explains the major drivers and regional dynamics of the industrial detergents market and current trends within the industry. The report concludes special focus on the vendor landscape and includes detailed profiles of the major vendors in the global industrial detergents market.

The report also details a comparative study between conventional and emerging technologies and the importance of technical advances to this market and strategies adopted by major global players.

The estimated values are based on manufacturers’ total revenues. Projected and forecasted revenue values are in constant U.S. dollars unadjusted for inflation.

Report Includes 

  • 77 tables.
  • A comprehensive overview and an in-depth analysis of the global industrial detergents market.
  • Analyses of global market trends, with data from 2016 and 2017, and projections of compound annual growth rates (CAGRs) through 2022.
  • An examination of market dynamics regarding restraints and opportunities and key developments within the industry.
  • Company profiles of leading market players, including Ashland, Croda International, Huntsman International, Kao, Stepan, and Dow Chemical.

Table of Contents:

Chapter- 1: Introduction
Chapter- 2: Summary and Highlights
Chapter- 3: Market and Technology Background
Chapter- 4: Market Overview
Chapter- 5: Market Breakdown by Substrate
Chapter- 6: Market Breakdown by Application
Chapter- 7: Market Breakdown by Region
Chapter- 8: Competitive Landscape
Chapter- 9: Company Profiles
Chapter- 10: Appendix: List of Abbreviations


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