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New Mente autism therapy referral program 

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Malta and Perth, Australia – Neurotech International Limited (ASX: NTI) is pleased to announce an innovative clinic led initiative, being a new referral model that provides each Mente clinic with a unique code that can be distributed to patients. 

Patients who sign up as home users using this unique code for autism spectrum disorder therapy will receive a discount and their data will automatically be linked with the clinic for as long as they choose. This enables the clinics to provide ongoing oversight, treatment planning and assessments. Clinics will also be able to earn referral commissions for units referred. 

Among the early adopters of this program is the Norcal Brain Center in the USA (, Neurobics in The Netherlands (, and ANFI (The Australian Neurofeedback Institute) ( who provide qEEG services and expert analysis to support clinicians working with Mente in Australia. 

Clinic Director at the Norcal Brain Center in California, Minh Tran, DC, DACNB, said: “Here at Norcal Brain Center, we have seen the great benefit that biofeedback in general, and neurofeedback, in particular, can have for our patients. We are very excited to announce that we now provide the Mente device that is specifically designed to help with therapy for our neurodivergent patients living with autism disorder.” 

A long-term Mente user working with Neurobics in The Netherlands has reported: “[My son] was more relaxed, could cope with more things, got more independent was less overstimulated, ate more, was getting happier and his tantrums diminished.” 

Mente CEO, Peter Griffiths, said: “We are delighted to continue to bring innovation that supports clinics in delivering great outcomes for their patients with this autism treatment at home.” 

An autism breakthrough, clinically proven Mente helps ASD children to learn to engage positively with their environment. 

Mente is the world’s only personalised neurofeedback therapy clinically proven to help children with ASD self-regulate attention and mood. 

Mente is available through 


This announcement has been authorised for release by the Board of Neurotech International Limited. 

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This post was originally published on Downey Magazine