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Navigation of BeiDou satellite

China’s Xi’an Satellite Control Center has said that it has accomplished the navigation of 52 in-orbit BeiDou satellites before the beginning of the Spring Festival holiday on Friday. It is essential to note that this is the first center’s extensive operational scrutiny of all BoeDou satellites from the accomplishment of the BDS-3 system for worldwide users.

The workers at the center were able to analyze crucial satellites’ data with the aid of a self-developed satellite operational evaluation system. The data was analyzed from 1st July to 31st December 2020.

Lu Pengliang, a center engineer, said that any satellite breakdown is likely to interfere with the navigation accuracy. Putting the satellite in better working condition will ensure it serves its intended purpose. On 31st July 2020, is when the BDS-3 system came into service, and since then, it has served global users in many industries such as fishery, agriculture, and transportation.

The satellite that has served for an extended period is the GEO-1 that belongs to the BDS-2 system. It was launched on 17th January 2010. Luo Chunyan, a senior engineer, said that diagnosis programs and self-evaluation would enable BeiDou satellite to offer services for three more years, regardless of its eight-year design life. BeiDou satellites will continue being monitored during the Spring Festival.

The China Satellite Navigation Office has said that documents to ease the certification system construction for BDS -3 products have been issued. Test methods and technical needs were crafted for the antenna, integrated chip, receiver board, chip, and navigation module products. Before these test methods and technical requirements were published, China provided four national technical standards for a map application, the ground-based augmentation system, data formatting, and the DDS atomic clock.

China has built a whole BDS industrial chain with autonomous developed vital products. China Satellite Navigation Office said that this expands the BDS application to different economic and social development fields. BDS has offered extensive services for various sectors such as disaster relief, transport, agriculture, public security, urban governance, and forestry.

On Wednesday, Xi Jinping, China President, sent his Spring Festival greetings to all Chinese on behalf of the Communist Party of China Central Committee. He also gave a speech at the Great Hall of the People. Xi said that it is a significant milestone to achieve the first centenary goal to accomplish builds a moderately prosperous society in many life aspects. In his speech, Xi made a summary of what the country achieved in 2020 under the Party’s leadership. He also talked about emerging trends like the Covid-19 pandemic and said that he is proud that the government brought it under control.

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