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Lithium Production plan in North East with potential to boost the electric vehicle sector

When it comes to the decade’s contribution to electric vehicles, the North East region is not slacking behind. Recently, it announced its intention to extract Lithium plus other minerals from rock in the Weardale area. This project is under a new company, Northern Lithium. And this startup company already has the right to explore and work on extracting the minerals. If everything goes as planned, their primary source is the hot underground water in the County Durham. This project is the biggest mystery at the time, and we hope for the best.

How exactly does Lithium aim to help the Electric Vehicles sector? Lithium is a highly sought mineral that you use to make batteries useful in electric vehicles and mobile phones. The primary current source of Lithium is Chile. However, different countries are working on sourcing this sought-out mineral.

With the recent announcement from the North East, the project’s potential is something no one can ignore. If it is possible to source Lithium from the Northeast, the ability to boost the emerging Centre for electric vehicles is easy. Some of the places that would achieve a lot from this new venture include the Nissan plan, Sunderland, the Britishvolt Gigafactory, Blyth, and the Envision AESC battery plant.

Other than that, the Lithium project has the potential to boost job opportunities in the area. Why not when the Northern Lithium aims at setting up wells to extract and reinject the brine from the underground rock. Not to mention, there is a possibility of a lithium production plant. The site location represents one of the most outstanding areas with beautiful features that could complicate the plan. However, the company aims to minimize the environmental impact during the extraction process.

Currently, Northern Lithium is working on setting up a 185 square kilometer area in Stanhope. The location is convenient and the most accessible for the site operations. Northern Lithium’s development has not been easy since the launch took place after three years of negotiations with the mineral rights owner.

The managing director of the company, Nick Pople, in a statement, explained why a lithium plant is essential. It will become a helping hand as the world accelerate the transition to Electric Vehicles. He also stated that if the project goes as planned, then its potential is outstanding. The plant will help the UK Government in their net zero commitments and reactivate mining in the local area. As a result, the Lithium production project will result in economic growth in the region.

This post was originally published on Downey Magazine