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You can enjoy Satellite IoT Internet Connection by paying $5 only per device every month

If you want to connect your device to the internet, then Swarm got your back. Interestingly, the micro-satellite firm is charging as low as $5 monthly for every device. During its announcement, the California-based company said that commercial services would commence sooner than later. To facilitate the same, it has a group of satellites as small as a grilled cheese sandwich.

The CEO and one of the founders, Sara Spangelo, said that the Swarm network is officially offering commercial services. She added the excitement on their side since the network allows them to provide global IoT connections at an affordable price to customers all over the world.

The first launch of its constellation was in September, followed by another one in November. The latest one was on Jan 24 during a SpaceX launch which saw Swarm lift off an additional 36 satellites to its constellation. That brought the total number of satellites to 81 and according to Sara, hitting that number allowed it to offer a commercial internet connection. The service benefits many sectors, including maritime, logistics, and agriculture, just but to mention a few.

According to Sara, many companies have had to dig deep into their pockets to access the convectional satellite internet services. There is also the issue of complexity, but they had to stomach all that due to lack of an alternative. A high number has had to give up on the benefits of satellite network since t is a service that they couldn’t afford at all. Spangelo says that Swarm changes all that by offering the services at a relatively low price. Those who have been paying a lot of money get to spend less than before. On the other hand, those who have found it hard to install starts enjoying its benefits since it is cheap and affordable.

The customers will have to insert the Swarm Tile, a small modem, into the IoT devices and start enjoying the satellite network. As far as Ben Longmier, Swarm’s co-founder and CFO, is concerned, the company is expanding the market greatly since even firms that couldn’t afford it before can do so given the low prices.

On the other hand, the CEO and founder of LayerX, Bruce Trevarthan, says that one might underestimate how variable data is until he starts collecting a lot of it. However, the availability of too expensive communication means in remote areas has made it impossible to collect much data. According to him, the fact that Swarm can offer something that has been available for $450 at the cost of less than $15 changes everything.

This post was originally published on Downey Magazine