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Atlas Renewable Energy takes the first position in the development of clean energy in Latin America

This year, the current market trends revolve around developing a green and clean energy nation. However, how clean is the energy? This detail is a question that many people would like to enquire about often. It is a way to assure people of a green future. In the corporate Energy market outlook published recently, Atlas Renewable Energy took the first position regarding delivering clean energy in Latin America. These digits follow research from 2020 on the energy department. In the global chart, Atlas was certain to scoop the sixth position. Over half of their contracts are regarding the private sector.

Atlas Renewable Energy is a company that builds, develops, and operates on renewable energy projects. It deals with long-term contracts all over America. This company hopes to deliver clean energy and serve other people regarding the energy sector. Reports show that it is a company with a high standard in its working.

The success includes the PPA, Power Purchase Agreements that the company formed with Anglo-America. It is a natural resources multinational which procures green energy to its workings in the Casablanca Project, Brazil. Also, there is the 349MW Solar plant from the Atlas Renewable Energy, Minas Gerais. Up to date, Casablanca is a substantial bilateral landmark long-term PPA recorded in Latin America.

Atlas Renewable Energy was able to get another massive project with the Brazilian subsidiary, Dow Chemical, one of the largest petrochemical multinationals. This project’s primary energy source is the Atlas Renewable Energy Jacaranda solar plant. Its main goal is to deliver clean energy to Dow Chemicals operations in Bahia. The project will take place under a novel deal structure that deals with solar intermittency and sources a 24h energy offering. That means that it swaps the excessive solar energy during daylight with other green energy sources to help during the night. With that, there will be a continuous energy load.

The two massive projects are part of the company’s strategy to achieve an emission-free planet’s ambitious goals. Atlas Renewable energy aims at reducing the amount of CO2 emissions and also clean the energy matrix. These goals are popular since many Latin American companies are adopting and implementing them in a clean environment. In addition to that, the two projects are unique and being pioneered by ambitious social programs that promote inclusion and diversity.

In a recent report from Atlas Renewable Energy CEO Carlos Barrera, the company is happy with the results that they are recording. Not to mention their ability to deliver energy solutions. In addition to that, the team hopes to continue with the great work. He also went ahead to explain that the private sector is conscious of the sustainability feature.

This post was originally published on Downey Magazine