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The United States Space Force has awarded Linquest a $500 million contract for analysis support

LinQuest Corp. was awarded a $500 million deal by the United States Space Force for a period of five years of research work. LinQuest Corporation is a pioneer in space systems application solutions for the military and intelligence communities in the United States. This is the first company contract to be awarded, enabling the USSF as well as other space analysis firms to build task orders that promote synergies and cooperation. The deal was awarded on January 4, but it was only confirmed on March 5 by the Defense Department. LinQuest has been a long-time support provider for the Space Force’s Space and Missile Systems Center as well as other defense agencies, based in Los Angeles.

The Perduco Group, centered in Beavercreek, Ohio, was recently awarded a $500 million contract for work completed under the Small Business Innovation Research Phase 3 project. LinQuest purchased the Perduco Group in November 2019, a supplier of data analytics, modeling, as well as simulation services for the military and intelligence agencies.

The $500 million contract is for “tradespace research support” for Space Acquisition Management Directorate at the Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado, as per the DoD announcement. According to the Department of Defense, the organization would fill “critical research gaps in acquisitions and improve the rigor in which the Space Force, Army, Navy, Air Force and other Department of Defense agencies make resourcing assessments for them.” LinQuest was awarded a $200 million contract by the Space Force’s Space Operations Command head-office at the Peterson Air Force Base last month for advisory as well as support services.

The United States Space Force, a fresh branch of the Armed Forces that was created in 2019, is responsible for coordinating recruiting, and equipping space forces to defend the US and allied priorities in space, as well as offering space capabilities to a joint force. “This award would allow us to extend the international support we’re already offering to our the United States Space Force Guardians as well as the wider Space community across LinQuest lines of business,” stated Greg Young, who serves as the LinQuest’s Chief Operating Officer. Tim Dills, who is the President and Chief Executive Officer of LinQuest, stated, “We’re happy with our IAS group.” “And we’re looking forward to taking advantage of this new growth chance to pursue demonstrating our commitment to quality – from concept to functionality,” says the company.

LinQuest is a space programs technology firm that focuses on the integration of the C4ISR, information, as well as cyber systems and offers creative services and alternatives to the US defense, public safety, and intelligence communities. Integration, engineering, evaluation, operations, and sustainment of essential space, air, as well as ground systems technologies and programs are all covered by these resources and solutions.

This post was originally published on Downey Magazine