Energy Politics

According to a U.S. official, Biden’s renewable energy strategy is critical to reversing industrial job losses

According to a report released on Monday by U.S. government officials, the energy sector in the United States lost 10% of its workers last year owing to the impacts of the coronavirus epidemic, and President Joe Biden’s renewable energy strategy was vital to restoring the business. According to the yearly U.S. Energy Employment Report, the energy workforce in the United States lost 840,000 jobs in 2020, as the global health crisis slashed the market for transportation fuels and stalled new projects.

According to the research, the highest job losses were in natural gas and petroleum fuels, which lost 186,000 jobs, or 21 percent of their workforce. The wind energy business was one of the few to grow, with employment rising by 1.8 percent. As part of a huge infrastructure plan being hammered out by Congress, the Biden administration advocates multiple projects to bolster clean energy businesses, claiming that a shift away from fossil fuels can generate thousands of good-paying jobs while combating climate change.

According to Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm, Biden’s plan presents an opportunity to revive the energy industry while simultaneously raising wages, union representation, and diversity in the renewable energy sector. “While we have work to accomplish to make our power sector stronger, we also have tasks to do to make the power sector look like America,” Granholm stated during an online event to announce the study.

According to the report, positions in the wind and solar are presently less certain to be unionized than jobs in nuclear, natural gas, and coal. According to the report, the energy business as a whole employs fewer people of color and women compared to the rest of the economy. The National Association of State Energy Authorities, think tank Energy Futures Initiative, and research company BW Research Partnership collaborated on the report, which the US Department of Energy-funded.

According to a report published earlier, workers in the nuclear and fossil fuel sectors receive greater earnings than those in clean energy fields like wind and solar, which emphasize President Joe Biden’s strategy to promote the US economy and battle climate change year by the same organization. The analysis comes only a week after Biden’s administration unveiled a $2 trillion strategy that includes billions to improve the market for renewable energy technologies and create well-paying employment while eliminating fossil fuel subsidies. Its findings highlight the difficulties that the United States will experience in replacing the high-quality jobs that will be lost due to the shift away from coal and oil.

This post was originally published on Downey Magazine